When we designed Culture Vape Pens we wanted a product that was simple with the ability to use wherever, whenever. It was never an option to compromise on quality, and we saw the need for a product with accurate taste, that’s discrete and aroma-free.

But how do Culture Pens stack up? We sent our pens to vape aficionado Michael Kushbusy, of Kushbury.com, to give them an honest review and put them up to the test.

Image courtesy of Kushbury.com

Taking a look at Culture Pens distinct design, Kushbury was immediately impressed with our matte black design and unique oval shape, “Hardware is one thing, but we’re talking about vape pens it’s what’s inside that really counts.” Hey — we know exactly what you mean Michael, let’s get down to business.

Taking his first draw Kushbury is hooked, “Hey, that is nice! Wow! That was super smooth. In fact, if it wasn’t for just a little hint of flavour there, I wouldn’t have realized I was inhaling anything.”

Culture Pens design and flavour pass the test, but what about the experience? Kusbury put Culture pens to the ultimate test, attempting to clear our oversized reservoir of 400mg of premium BHO in less than 24 hours! Culture Pens are rated at 150 doses, any guesses how many Kushbury gets? Watch the video to find out how many draws he gets, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Image courtesy of Kushbury.com

His Final Verdict?

“I think anyone who tries one of these Culture Pens is going to be very satisfied with the way that it makes them feel. Highly recommended!” — Michael Kushbury, Kushbury.com

See the whole review on Kushbury.com

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